What you stand to gain from a counselling session:

Self Awareness – becoming familiar with your internal landscape and being able to express it.

Greater intimacy with your partner – Intimacy requires greater self awareness and the risk of vulnerability with our partners. It can result in more meaningful and intimate sex for both parties. Intimacy is the key for a successful relationship.

Parenting – You are wanting to maintain an open relationship with your children throughout their lives. Possibly wanting a different relationship with your kids than you had with your father.

Direction seeking – You may be at a crossroads in life and need to be able to talk about it with someone able to listen without judgement.

Work/Life balance – You are seeking this balance or even just looking for strategies for leaving work behind at the end of the day and being able to fully focus on family/relationship time.

Self time – You may be longing for a bit of self time and are looking for strategies to claim such time without negative effects on your family/relationship. A happier, healthier you flows on to those around you. 

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