Being a man in this day and age can be a hard gig. Once upon a time roles seemed more defined than they are today. Financial pressures were less. Relationships appeared to be easier to work through. Work-life balance seemed easier to achieve. Life in general seemed simpler.

The mental stress and pressure that both men and women face today feels overwhelming at times and it’s easy to shut down or self medicate. Men in particular find it hard to reach for the door and seek help when they need it. But, in my experience, men find it incredibly relieving when they do.

What you stand gain – I have loads of tools and strategies for a wide range of issues including:

Anger and how it affects you and those you love.

How to work through a loss – of relationship, health, work, loved ones.

Feelings of sadness/emptiness – even suicidal thoughts.

How to identify and communicate what you’re really feeling.

Working out what you’re really here to do – life purpose.

Parenting challenges

Getting unstuck when you’re feeling stuck.